Share Your Account

If you have an account with, you are already one of our users. Being our user means that you can take advantage of all fantastic features that we offer!

But this is not all. Now you can share your account with other people and give them the permissions that you want to.

How can you do this? You simply need to add new users.

How to add new users?

First, go to the Users navigation bar:


There you will see the following screen:


Press the Add a new user button.



You have two options here – to add an already registered with us user or to invite a Guest user – a person who does not have an account with



1) Adding users who already have an account with

Let’s review the first option. If you want to add an user that already has an account with us, you just need to enter their e-mail address.


Then you need to choose if you want this person to have Manager or Administrator permissions.

If you give the new user Manager permissions, they will be able to do everything that you can do, except for deleting content. They will be able to edit everything on your dashboard and styles, though.

If you grant the new user Administrator permissions, you will be conceding all your rights to the new user, including the permission to delete content.

When you have chosen what permissions you want to grant to the new user, press save and the new user will be added.

The new user will be also notified via e-mail about the granted permissions. The e-mail will look like this:

“Hello Angela, you have been allowed to access JohnSmith dashboard.
At your dashboard you will find a drop-down menu from where you can switch to the dashboard of other user.”

2) Adding Guest users (users who do not have an account with

Now let’s have a look at the second option and see how you can share your account with a Guest user – a person, who does not have an account with

Go to the Guest user tab and fill in the short form:


You need again to choose Manager or Administrator permissions and click on the Save button in order to add the new user.

Please note: The user will be notified via e-mail about the given access, but the password will not be sent with the notification. You will need to give the password to the new user personally.

The e-mail notification that the user will receive will look like this:

“Hello Barbara, you have been allowed to access JohnSmith dashboard.
Click on the address to confirm that you accept the given rights.”

How to manage your users?

Now let’s go back to your Users dashboard and see what further options you have for the Users that you have created or how you can manage them from now on.7



As you can see, you can Edit and Delete your added users quite easily.


User permissions are available for all accounts. You can add 1 new user if you have a free account and 10 new users if you have an Extra or Pro account!