Integrate a Survey with Web Hooks

What are Web Hooks?

Web Hooks are a very simple way to tie applications together on the Internet. They offer easy and effective server to server communication without long running connections.

Web Hooks are an HTTP POST callback request sent to URL of a user’s choice in response to some event occurring /e.g. a comment is submitted or a survey has been completed/.

Through Web Hook Integration in you can assign an URL address to your own server where the data from your running survey, quiz or form will be automatically sent. You can then keep, process and analyze the gathered data.

How to integrate my survey with Web Hooks?

If you are a Pro or Extra user, you can easily integrate your survey with Web Hooks by following the steps below:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Your Survey -> Edit -> Questions. Here you will see the Integrations button:


2) Choose Web Hooks from the list with options:


3) Enter your Web Hook URL and Handshake Key:


The Web Hook URL should contain the URL address of your server where you want your information to be sent to. This is server that the Web Hook will call when a new entry is submitted. HTTPS is not required, but it is recommended.

The Web Hook Handshake Key is an optional key that you can choose as an authentication mechanism to prevent spam to your Web Hook. This key will be included as a post parameter when our servers call yours.

If you’d like, you can give your integration a name.

When ready, press the Save button.

4) You can also map the fields from Web Hooks to corresponding questions in the survey, so that you can receive callback request for these specific questions.


Note: The Web Hooks Field and the Default values are optional – you can leave these boxes blank.  Fill in the “Default Value” section” of the fields to post only if you want to pass a static default value.

You can also add more question with the Add button. When you integrated all the questions that you wanted, press the Save button below.

When ready with your settings, press the blue Save button and your integration with Web Hooks will be completed!