Integrate a Survey with SalesForce

What is SalesForce Integration?

SalesForce Integration allows you to integrate your surveys, quizzes and forms with Salesforce is an online, web-based, CRM (Customer Relationship Managament) application that runs in “the cloud” allowing users to manage and perform nearly every detail of their job. SalesForce is the most widely recognized CRM solution on the market today. The application runs in “the cloud”, which means the user can access it anywhere through an Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

How to integrate my survey with SalesForce?

If you are a Pro or Extra user, you can easily integrate your survey with SalesForce by following the steps below:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Your Survey -> Edit -> Questions. Here you will see the Integrations button:


2) Choose SalesForce from the list with options:


3) Provide your SalesForce Username and Password+Security token


Note: Please click here to see how to obtain your Security Token. The password and the token should be typed back to back with no space in between.

4) Give your SalesForce action a name and choose a object from the drop-down menu. Objects represent database tables that contain your organization’s information. When ready, press Save:


5) Now map the fields from Salesforce to corresponding questions in your survey. You simply need to link questions from your survey with Salesforce fields:


Note: You can assign a default value if you wish, but that is optional.

When ready, press Add. You can add as many questions <-> Salesforce fields, as you wish!

6) When ready, press Save.

The integration is now all set in both addpoll and SalesForce!