Integrate a Survey with Google SpreadSheet

What is Google SpreadSheet Integration?

Google Spreadsheet Integration allows you to push data collected from your survey into a Google Spreadsheet. In this way you can keep better track of your data within a spreadsheet. Also, you can allow anyone you want to access the data stored there. This integration can help you keep your data all in one place!

How to integrate my survey with Google SpreadSheet?

If you are a Pro or Extra user, you can easily integrate your survey with Google SpreadSheet by following the steps below:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Your Survey -> Edit -> Questions. Here you will see the Integrations button:Untitled

2) Choose Google SpreadSheet from the list with options:


3) Connect to your your Google Account by filling in your Google Docs Login and Password


Note: will not save your password!

If you want to change the account, just click on Unlink Account


4) Give your Spreadsheet a name and choose a Spreadsheet and Worksheet you want the results from your survey to be sent to!


Note: You cannot have more than one survey pushing data to the chosen spreadsheet. If you have more than one survey integrated with Google Spreadsheet, make sure that you create a different spreadsheet for the data of each survey.

5) Press the Save button.

6) Select a Question to Send from the drop-down menu


7) Fill in your SpreadSheet Column Name

NOTE: This must be exactly the same as the column name in your Google Spreadsheet


8) Optional: If you want to pass a static default value, you can fill in the “Default Value” section of the field to post.


9) Press Add and add as many other questions as you want to with the Add button!


10) When ready, press Save and your chosen survey data will be now automatically populated on the Google SpreadSheet of your choosing!