Create a Survey

Creating a survey with addpoll is quick, easy and enjoyable!

To watch a video tutorial, check out the following link: Create a Survey

We’ve also provided a written tutorial below.

While you are at your dashboard, click on the Start New button:


A new window will appear. Choose your option. In this case pick survey.


Now you are in the Survey Creator! Here the first thing you will see are a lot of survey options currently available under Settings: Untitled

1) Settings

The options in Settings are designed to help you customize your survey as you want to. Let’s review them.


First, you need to give your survey a title. It can be different than the public title – the title, seen be the participants. If you want to assign a different public title, tick the respective checkbox. You can also choose if you want the intro page with the survey name and the start button to be shown or not. If you would like to include a custom start message, you can again activate the feature by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

You can also activate some restrictions for your participants, by ticking the respective checkboxes:

1) Password protection – Only participants who entere the same password as the set one in the designated field in the beginning of the survey, will be able to access the survey.

2) IP restrictions – In the filed that will be shown after you click on this option, you can enter all IP addresses that can access the survey. Everyone, whose IP is not in your preset list, won’t be allowed to take the survey.

3) Show Captcha – If you activate this restriction, the participants will have to fill in a challenge-response test, used to ensure that the response is generated by a human being.





Here you can enter a Landing Page. This is the web-page the participants will be automatically redirected to, once they complete the survey. You can also choose a different Language for the system messages and buttons of your survey. If you activate the E-mail catch by clicking on the checkbox, a GET parameter ?from=e-mail will be added to the survey url address that you send.

Now let’s review the options in the gray field.

3 Here you can activate the option to Show progress indicator, Close after a certain date or Close after a quota reached, simply by putting a tick at the respective checkbox. You then just need to specify the certain date or the number of people that you want to complete the survey, before it closes automatically. Please check How to make sure that a survey or poll will close at a specific time? You can also specify if you would like to allow multiple responses from one computer or just one response from computer by choosing the applicable radio button. Finally, you can allow or forbid sharing of your survey through social media buttons.





Now choose your survey Style: Untitled

For more information on styles and how to make custom styles, please check: How to Change the Style of a Poll or Survey. Once you are done with all the settings, press Save and Continue at the button of the page and you will be redirected to the second navigation bar: Questions.

2) Questions


How to add questions

In this page you will be able to add your survey questions. To add a question, you just need to Drag and Drop the box with the respective type of text to the survey form:





Feel free to experiment with this fantastic options! You can add a random text for the page header, you can add a question with free text, you can enter multiple choice questions, you can add a matrix question (with rows and columns), you can add a name, e-mail, address, date, money, URL and phone form, you can also provide a form for file upload, implement a Google map on your survey or put an HTML Snippet, by entering a custom HTML code. Simply click on the box the desired option, drag it to the left and drop it there!






For example, if you want to add a Multiple choice, just drag the Multiple choice box to the left and drop it there. The question template will now look like this:


Now click on the page header and then on the options below, so that you can write your own text!


As you can see, you have plenty of additional options for each question. You can change the order of your answers with the given two-side arrows, add media, include a note, make a question mandatory or add a comment. Answer fields that are left empty will be automatically removed. If you tick Other, you will make the question open and the customer will be able to give their own answer, instead of choosing one of the options listed.


You can decide if you want to allow the participants to be able to choose just one answer or more than one answer. If they are given the first option, they will be able to choose just one answer, given with a radio button, the second option will let them choose one answer from a list, the third – more than one answer with checkboxes and the forth – more than one answer from a list with options.



Also, your answers can be shown in the order you assigned or in random         order. Choose the wanted option      from the drop-down menu.


Note: You can make all questions mandatory with just one click and hide the asterix sign, if your tick the following options on the top of the questions page:


Now let’s have a look at the Advanced Survey Logic options, available for Pro and Extra users. Untitled

1. Question logic:

This options allows you to show a question ONLY IF is in a certain correlation to a defined condition.

For example, the question will be shown ONLY IF the Country is USA. Here is how the setting of this example will look like:


If you want to add another condition, please press Add condition: Untitled You can keep adding conditions or you can remove any of them, by pressing the respective buttons. You can also add another group of conditions, by clicking on Add Group: Untitled

The groups can be again correlated with “and” (the conditions in both groups should be fulfilled in order for the question to be shown) and “or” (all conditions of one of the group should be fulfilled in order for the question to be shown). When you are done with setting the condition or conditions for the question, please press Save. Important: When your question is on the first page, you can apply only geographic rules. If your question is on a different page, you have further options. You can now correlate a question that is not on the first page with questions that are on the first page!


For example, you can make sure that only the participants who replied with YES to question 3 on page 1 will see the current question on the second page.

2. Validations

You can add a message for the participants to see, when there is an error.

For example:


For some questions, you can also set rules like min and max permissible values. For example, if the question requires a file upload, you can set the min and max size of the file and also allow only certain formats.

3. Predefined

This options allows you to givepredefined answer to your question and if the participant does not want it, s/he can just delete it and type something else instead.

For example:


When you enter the predefined value, press Save.

How to manage questions

Once you have added your questions, you can always change their order by dragging them up and down on the page. You can also go to the third navigation bar called Reordering and change the order of your questions by dragging and dropping them there:


Untitled You also have other options available: If you hover over the question, you willsee that you can move, edit, copy, pause and delete it.

Note: To pause a question means that it will be temporarily not shown, but once you resume it, it will become visible again.

How to add and manage pages

Adding a page is very simple – just click on the Add Page button and your new page will appear:




You have further options on the right, which make coping and deleting pages a breeze!




Now let’s have a look at some further options:


Integrations allow you to choose which data from the participants can be sent to the provided integrations: Untitled






Page logic is the same as Question Logic, but applies for survey pages. This options allows you to show a page ONLY IF is in a certain correlation to a defined condition (see Question logic above for more details).

Once you have customized your survey, added your questions and pages, please press the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the webpage. Your survey is now ready.




You can Preview it and then close the preview if you want to make some changes. When satisfied with the result,  press the Share button and your survey will be released!