Create a Poll

Creating a poll with is quick and easy.

To watch a video tutorial, check out the following link: How to create a poll

We’ve also provided a written tutorial below.

While you’re at your dashboard, click on the Start New button:


A new window will appear. Choose your option. In this case pick poll.


Now you are in the Poll Creator.


Enter the question in the title field. Enter possible answers under the title.

If you would like to add additional answers you can click on the Add new answer button.

If you want to allow the participants to add their own answers, activate the checkbox in front of Allow users to enter their own answer.





You can add media to your answer fields.


You can do so by clicking on the media button next to the answer field which you would like to attach media to. You can upload images and audio files from your computer or enter a direct web url link.
If you would like to add a video from a popular video sharing website (Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook etc…), click on Embed and then just paste the video sharing code.







The next step is to choose the type of buttons you would like on your poll. Choose the one you like best:


You can also choose a different Language for the system messages and buttons of your poll.


Here you can activate the option Close after a certain date  simply by putting a tick at the  checkbox. You then just need to specify the certain date and time and the survey will close automatically. Please check How to make sure that a survey or poll will close at a specific time?


On the right hand side of the title and answer fields you can find some advanced options. Now we’ll go over each one and discover what they do.


Flash Poll – If you activate this option, your poll will automatically turn into flash. If you deactivate the option, the poll will go back to simple javascript. The option is available to allow you to change the type of your poll at any time.
Password protection – if you activate this option your poll will be seen only by password. Only people with the password will be able to see the poll.

Captcha – if you activate this option, only respondents who enter the two words in the Captcha image correctly, will be allowed to submit their answers.

Voting protection – A very important option. Using this option you can prevent cheating. We recommend always using block by IP + Cookie as it is the most effective use against cheating.

Voting protection time – Decide the time interval until people who have voted already, are able to vote again.

Results – Decide if you would like to make the results of the poll private (visible only for you) and if you want the results to be shown only in percentage.

Comments – Activate or Deactivate comments. You can also decide if you would like to be able to review and approve every single comments before publishing.

SharingHere you can choose to allow or disallow the sharing of your poll on social networking sites, using small buttons located just below the poll.

Poll style

You can pick a pre-made design from our templates. You can also create your own custom design. Head over to styles in the poll creator and use the drop down menu to narrow down your style. Please also check How to Change the Style of a Poll or Survey.


 Then just click Save and Continue and voila! Your first poll is ready!