Create and Use E-mail Groups

E-mail groups enable you to send invitations for your polls, surveys, and quizzes via e-mail. You can also customize your e-mail text before you send it out.

How to Create an E-mail Group

In order to create an e-mail group, please click on the Email groups navigation bar:


Here you can create a new Email group. Just press the Create a new button or Create now.


The following screen will pop up:


You need to give your new e-mail group a name (will be visible only for you). For example, Customers. When ready, press Create.



You can then add people to your e-mail group.



You have three options to add people to your e-mail group.



Option 1)

With this basic option you just need to click on Add one in the Add Email tab and start adding the e-mail addresses manually, one by one.


When you are done, you just need to press Save and then you can proceed with adding more e-mail addresses.

Option 2)

This option allows you to upload a bulk of e-mails at the same time! You just need to have a CVV/Excel file with your contacts’ e-mail addresses. Please choose the Import CSV/Excel file tab.

UntitledPlease note that you cannot upload files bigger than 10 MB and that if you are uploading an excel spreadsheet, you need to use Save us and choose CSV as a format, before uploading. When ready, press Upload a file.

Option 3)

The last option allows you to paste your contacts directly from a spreadsheet. If you want to choose this option, please go to the Paste from Spreadsheet tab.


Here you can just copy and paste the content from your CSV or Excel file – up to 10 000 contacts can be pasted at once.

When ready, press the Import button.


How to Use Your E-mail Groups

Once you have created your e-mail group or groups, let’s see how you can send invitations to them.

For our example we will use a survey. Let’s say you want to share you survey with your e-mail group. What do you need to do?

Just go to your Dashboard, point at your survey name and click on Get Code.



You will see the Publish and Share screen.


From the long list with options choose the one before last: E-mail.

Then put a tick in front of the name of the e-mail group you want to use (Customers, in our example).

Your subject of the e-mail by default is Invitation, but you can change it, if you want to.

In the message body, you can change the entire text, if you wish. It is fully customizable. You also have the following tags inserted in your text by default:




[firstname] – Inserts the recipient’s first name, as set in the email group
[lastname] – Inserts the recipient’s last name, as set in the email group

[title] – Inserts the survey title
[link] – Inserts the survey link
[user] – Inserts your user name with

You can delete any of these tags, if you do not need them. You can also add your custom tags and give them your own values!

When you are ready click on the Send button and your survey, poll or quiz is released to the world!


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