How to Create a Great Poll /including example/

There are no strict rules for creating a great poll – it’s all up to your imagination!

However, let us give you a few hints and guidelines, which can help you write and design a cool poll.

General tips

There are a few general tips that you can keep in mind before you start creating your poll:

1) Each option that you give should be clear, concise and unbiased – try to formulate short, preferably single word options. You can also follow by a comma or dash with a short statement of what this option means.

2) Make sure that options do not intersect in meaning. This means to remember that you ask one question only at a time and the respondents should choose just one answer. If you have one option that contains another one of the given options (for example, domestic animals and dogs), there will be intersection in meaning present and the respondents will be confused.

3) Your options should be ordered logically. Generally, “yes” should come first and “no” – second. Order numerical choices could go from lowest to highest. Alphabetical order and order by the year of release can also be applied. There are a lot of ways to order things – as long as it is logical, it is fine. In the end of the list, you can also give the options “None” (the question is not applicable for the respondent) and  “Other” (the respondents can write down their own answer, if it is is not among the listed ones).

4) Make you poll stand alone. It should be easy for the respondents to just skim your question and options and give their answer. Do not include your comments or extensive explanations in the question or in the poll options. The easier you make it for people to vote, the more votes you will get!

5) You can always include appropriate images to grab the attention. If there is a picture on your poll, the respondents can get a grip of what the poll is about, before they even read the question and this increases the chances that they will vote.


Below you will see an example of a great poll, created with We also included a step-by-step guide on how we made this poll!


Here is the step by step guide on how to create a great poll as this one:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Start new -> Poll. You are now in the Poll Creator!

2) Write your question in the designated field and it will appear on the top of the page as your poll name.


3) Write your answers in the designated fields below. If you leave a box blank, it will be automatically deleted. You can also add new answer fields with the Add new answer button. Also, tick the checkbox in front of Allow users to enter their own answers in order to have the Other field appear:


4) Go to Custom Style -> Create new


5) Now design your poll. Here is the place to unleash your imagination!

1. Give your style a name and choose the template you want to base it on:


2. Experiment with the Style Editor until you are happy with the results that you see on the preview, which will be constantly shown on the right-hand side of the screen!


Here are the particular changes that we applied for this poll.

In order to insert and position the Android logo as a background image:


In order to adjust further the image on the box:


 In order to change the font and the alignment of the question:


In order to remove the template background from the question box we deleted the URL and it changed to “none”:


To change the font for the answers:


For the Vote button we changed the font type, the fond color:


and the background color:


When ready, click on the Save button, go back to your Dashboard and click on Edit under your poll name to go back to the Survey Creator/Editor. You can now choose your new style from the drop-down menu:


Then press Save and Continue.

Now preview your poll with the Preview button and if you are happy with the result, press the Publish and Share button and choose the most convenient option for you.

Your great poll will be released to the world immediately!