FAQ / What is the difference between a poll and a survey?

A poll consists of one multiple-choice question. The answers to this question are predefined by you and the participants can simply respond with one mouse click. If you’d like, you can add Other field to allow participants to add their own response, different from the predefined ones.

Please see an example of a poll:


A survey is more comprehensive than a poll. Surveys allow you to ask multiple questions. These questions could be of different type (open-ended and closed-ended) and could have different format (for example multiple choice, free text, form, matrix, etc). The survey may also have conditional or branching logic embedded, which means that answering a question a certain way may lead to another set of questions specific to that answer. The number of survey questions is entirely up to the discretion of you, the creator.

Please see an example of a survey:


In short, we would advise you to Create a poll if you want to to ask just one simple question and to Create a Survey, if you want to ask wide range of questions.

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