FAQ / How to add a screener to my survey?

What is a screener?

A screener is a set of questions at the beginning of a survey, used to ensure the participants meet the required qualifications (most often demographic criteria as age and gender). The screener questions determine whether the respondent fit into your target group or not. For example, if you have identified the survey target as mothers age 25 to 39 with children under age 7, then the screener will ask gender, age and ages of children.

How to set screener questions for my survey?

1) Go to Dashboard -> Your Survey -> Edit -> Questions. Here you will see the Screener button:


2) Select your screener question and assign the desired value or range:


3) When ready, press Add condition. You can add more conditions if you want to with the Add condition button:


4) You can then set rules simply by ticking one of the two checkboxes (they cannot be chosen simultaneously):

Untitled Untitled

You can change the default message for a terminate.

5) When ready, press the Save button and your screener has been set.

Now, you can preview and test it to make sure it works. In our example, if we chose Male for a Gender, we will be disqualified from the survey:




General Advice: Make sure that your screener questions are on a different page or pages from the rest of your questions.

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