FAQ / How to add an e-mail protection to my poll?

If you add e-mail protection to your poll, the participants will need to enter their e-mail before they are able to submit their response. Then the respondents will need to check the provide e-mail and click on the confirmation link. In this way you can reduce the chance for the respondents to participate multiple times, as they will have to provide a valid, accessible for them e-mail address every time, when they try to participate again. In order to ensure even better protection, we would recommend you to combine e-mail protection with CAPTCHA protection, Cookie protection and IP protection.

To enable e-mail protection for polls, go to the poll creator/editor and click on Protect voting with Email under Poll protection -> Voting protection:


This feature is available only for pro and extra users.

After you enable this feature, the respondents will have to fill in their e-mail address in a box like the one shown below, in order to submit their answer (s).


After the respondent enters their e-mail and press Vote, they will need to check the provided e-mail and click on the confirmation link.


Only after they click on the confirmation link on the e-mail, their vote will be submitted.

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