Survey Results

Check Survey Results

In order to check your survey results, go to Your Dashboard, hover over the survey name and click on Reports.


On the top left side of the screen you will see the overall statistics:


Total completed shows the number of respondents, who completed the survey successfully.

Total terminated shows the number of respondents, who got disqualified at screener questions and thus were not allowed to complete the survey.

Total incompleted shows the number of respondents, who started the survey, but did not finish it for some reason.

Total overquoted is shown under Total Incompleted if there are any overquotas collected (respondents who were active once a preset quota was set, so they were allowed to complete the survey).

Incidence rate – incidence is the frequency of something occurring in a given population. The incidence rate is used to measure the level of effort needed to reach respondents that are qualified to take a particular survey (pass the survey screener). The higher the IR is, the less respondents will need to be contacted in order to gather the required number of completes.

We used the following basic formula:


Mean time = sample mean time. It shows the sum of the time of all respondents divided by the number of responses to the survey.

Median time = sample median time. It shows It shows the time for which half the data is larger than it, and half the data is smaller. It is also called the 50th percentile. The median time is used when we do not want the results to be affected by the extremely large values.

Under the overall statistic, you will be able to see statistics for each of your survey questions.


You can choose whether you’d like to see the charts in your report as a Pie, Vertical Bar, Donut or no charts by clicking on one of the options.


By default, the charts are shown as pie.

Export Survey Results

You can also export your survey results. Look at the top hand-right side of the screen:

and choose if you want your report exported as PDF, CSV/Excel, Word file or simply printed.