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Setting up an account

Advantages for Pro and Extra Users

If you upgrade to a Pro or Extra account, you can enjoy plenty of advantages that users with free account do not have access to!

What do I get?

Let’s make a quick comparison for you to see what you get on top if you upgrade your account now:


Let’s sum up. If you upgrade your account, you will have:

1) More survey responses per month.

2) Much bigger storage space for your files and data.

3) More additional users account – you will be able to share your account with more people, if you upgrade to Extra.

4) Advanced survey logic – you will be able to create more complex surveys, by setting validations, survey and page logic. You will be also able to create disqualification questions and terminate respondents at the screener, if they do not qualify to complete the survey.

5) Banning by IP – you can enable IP protection for your poll or survey, which means that a respondents cannot submit their answers twice from one and the same IP address.

6) Private profile – as a Pro or Extra user, you can enjoy a private profile.

7) Captcha voting protection – you can enable Captcha protection for your poll, which means that the respondents will have to fill in correctly a Captcha text box, in order to submit their answer. In this way you can ensure that only real people and not computer programs are taking your poll.

8) E-mail voting protection – you can enable e-mail protection for your poll, which means that the participants will need to enter their e-mail before they are able to submit their response. Then the respondents will need to check the provide e-mail and click on the confirmation link. In this way you can reduce the chance for the respondents to participate multiple times, as they will have to provide a valid, accessible for them e-mail address every time when they try to participate again.

9) Invite participants by e-mail – as a Pro or Extra user, you can create e-mail groups and send e-mail invitations.

10) SSL Support is another feature that you get. That means that now you can add your polls and surveys to your secure https pages, enabling users to easily take your polls and surveys without leaving your site.

11) Integrations are the newest and coolest feature that we added for our Pro and Extra users! Your can easily integrate your poll and survey data with Mailchimp, Google Spreadsheet, Sales Force and Web Hooks!

How to upgrade?

In order to upgrade, please follow the steps below.

1) Click on the Features and Plans navigation button:


2) Choose the desired plan, by pressing Buy Extra or Buy Pro:


Note: There are additional options in Extra and Pro, which are not shown in this screen-shot.

3) Proceed to payment:


You can choose if you prefer to be charged Yearly or Monthly.

When ready press Pay Now and you will be forwarded to your PayPal login page to finish the payment process.

Note: We are still working to implement Credit Card processing.

Set up Your Account

Watch a screencast on  Setting Up An Account!

Or check the written tutorial:

Setting up an account with addpoll is a breeze and is absolutely free!

You just need to click on the  1 button situated on the top and in the middle of our welcome page at


Then proceed by filling in the provided short form.






Please choose your username and password, enter your email address and the two words you see on the CAPTCHA image.







When you are ready with filling in the form, just press 4 and voila! You are all set and ready to start enjoying the amazing features that we offer!

We tried to make everything as quick and easy for you as possible, so once you click on the “Create Account” button, there is no need to check your e-mail, activate your account or signing in again – you will be directed to your dashboard immediately.

Or alternatively, you can simply sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account. Please choose the option that you prefer after clicking on 1


You can also choose the “Sing In” button on the top right side of the welcome page:


Please be advised to check our other tutorials and FAQs at, covering all the features that you can take advantage of, once you have registered on our web-site.